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Law & Commerce provides a full spectrum of corporate services under one roof for Labuan Company formation, application for business licenses, accounting, tax, employment pass and related compliance services both for individuals and companies worldwide.

Law & Commerce Trust Limited is an independent trust company licensed by the Labuan Financial Services Authority. Law & Commerce is owned and managed by qualified lawyers and professionals. We began in 1996 with just one office in Labuan. We now operate from Labuan and Kuala Lumpur.
Our services are briefly divided into “corporate client services” and “private client services” You will learn more about them in this website. Through our associate company Offshore4Asia Ltd, we also offer offshore services from a number of other jurisdictions notably Ras Al Khaimah, Brunei, BVI, Hong Kong, Singapore, Mauritius, Seychelles and Bahamas. But we consider Labuan as our home tuft.
Whilst opportunities are abound in offshore centres, it is our informed opinion that client who intends to venture into it for the first time should be properly advised. The claims of low or nil tax, secrecy and flexibility are too often either too simplified or unrealistic. You need to go beyond skin-deep approach. It is “substance” over form. You do not acquire offshore structure which does not work or cannot stand up to scrutiny. We are here to advise you and recommend you offshore structures that work and can stand up to scrutiny.
The image conjures about offshore centres is rarely positive. At best it is of a place to hide wealth and at the very worst it is of a place where shady deals and dirty money take refuge. After more than a decade of offshore practice we however find that this image is largely untrue. Of course there have been centres which were battered with financial scandals before but such scandals did not take place in offshore centres alone. Major cities like New York, Hong Kong, London, etc have their own share of financial scandals too. Recent financial turmoil has shown that the fault line is not in offshore centres but rather in onshore centres.
The key to a success of an offshore centre is more regulation as opposed to the lack of it. Further, structures to be created must have substance, i.e. real business objective. And we would like to state in no uncertain term regulation and substance are the features that we recommend to our clients when choosing jurisdiction and forming structures. Well-regulated centres will breed quality service providers and these providers are the ones you should look too. Don’t be hooked by the promise of low or nil tax and secrecy alone. Substance will determine whether your structures can stand up to scrutiny.
In providing our services we strive to create value and deliver cost effective and excellent services to our clients. We are also guided by overriding compliance and best practice principles common in our industries. Such principles more often than not require us to place professionalism and ethical integrity above all else in accepting our clients.
We have been in offshore business for more than a decade now. It has been challenging but nevertheless interesting and rewarding. I hope that you too will find your offshore journey interesting and rewarding.
Ahmad Kamil Mohd Yusop
Managing Director
LL B(Hons), CLP

What is Labuan trust company

Start a Labuan Trust Company in Malaysia with our Professional Assistance Now! For more subtleties, consider now or book a meeting with us. Confided in Professionals. Dependable Services. No Hidden Fee. Administrations: Accounting and Bookkeeping, Company Incorporation.

How to set up Labuan trust company

Present a finished Form LTC "Application for License to Carry on Labuan Trust Company Business" to Labuan FSA as required under Section 61(1) of the LFSSA.

Give a marketable strategy that incorporates, however isn't constrained to, the accompanying:

Sorts of items and administrations to be advertised

  • Target market determining the customers, geological spread and industry center
  • Supervisory group
  • Labor arranging/association outline; and
  • Three (3) years' monetary projections (appropriately drawn up pay articulations and accounting report cited in outside cash).
  • Show proof of a paid-up capital or working assets of in any event RM150,000 or its proportionate in any remote money.
  • Get an expert repayment protection approach with an inclusion of at the very least RM1 million or its comparable in any remote money and remain repaid all through its activities.
  • Give a letter of certification or undertaking to Labuan FSA for the risk of the Labuan trust organization.

Give total honesty of shareholdings of the organization, including a definitive recipients. This incorporates the accommodation of a corporate profile (eg name and sort of legitimate substance, head business/action, governing body) for corporate investors, and nitty gritty foundations (eg duplicate of visa or ID and complete resume) for individual investors.

Guarantee that the executives and officials in charge of the administration of the proposed Labuan trust organization in Labuan IBFC are fit and appropriate people compliant with Section 4 of the LFSSA and the Guidelines on Fit and Proper Person Requirements issued by Labuan FSA.

Some other extra data as mentioned by Labuan FSA.

Labuan Managed Trust Company 

A Labuan oversaw trust organization is a trust organization authorized under the Labuan Financial Services and Securities Act 2010 (LFSSA) however is overseen by a completely operational trust organization in Labuan.

An oversaw trust organization isn't required to set up its own physical office in Labuan, however is required to choose in any event one trust official affirmed by Labuan FSA, who might be the representative of the selected Labuan trust organization.

Labuan private trust company

Labuan trust company guidelines

Appoint in any event one trust official endorsed by Labuan FSA, who might be the representative of the designated director (Labuan trust organization).

Have its very own letterhead and stationeries and its office can be the workplace of the Labuan trust organization who is dealing with the Labuan overseen trust organization.

labuan trust company act 1990

Guarantee that every one of its books and records, including records of its customers are kept and made accessible for examination in Labuan IBFC.

Keep all benefits and different resources that it has gotten in its ability as trustee properly isolated from its very own advantages and liabilities.

Acquire composed assent from Labuan FSA before rolling out any improvements to its shareholding and directorship.

For an oversaw trust organization that is an authorized remote organization, advise Labuan FSA for any progressions to its shareholding and directorship.

Labuan FSA trust company

Inform Labuan FSA on any progressions to its oversaw trust organization administrator inside seven working days from the successful date of progress determined.

Guarantee consistence with the Guidelines on Anti-Money Laundering and Counter Financing of Terrorism.

Conform to rules, orders and detailing necessities issued by Labuan FSA.

Labuan Tax

The Budget 2019 declaration by the Minister of Finance on 2 November 2018 has realized critical changes to the Labuan charge system. These progressions are in accordance with Malaysia's duties as an individual from the Inclusive Framework on Base Erosion and Profit Shifting (BEPS) to address tax avoidance and hurtful assessment works on, including the height of significant exercises prerequisites in Labuan. 

In this caution, we will investigate the legitimate ramifications of the accompanying changes, all of which became effective on 1 January 2019: 

alterations to the Labuan Business Activity Tax Act 1990 (LBATA Amendments); 

presentation of the new Labuan Business Activity Tax (Requirements for Labuan Business Activity) Regulations 2018 (Economic Substance Regulations); and 

presentation of the new Income Tax (Deductions Not Allowed for Payment Made to Labuan Company by Resident) Rules 2018 (Disallowed Deductions Rules). 

A. No limitation on managing Malaysian Ringgit or Malaysian inhabitants 

Already, a Labuan element might be said to carry on a "Labuan business movement" just if that action is carried on in, from or through Labuan in a remote money with a non-occupant or another Labuan element. 

The LBATA Amendments have evacuated these limitations. A Labuan substance may carry on a "Labuan business movement" in Malaysian Ringgit and with a Malaysian occupant, insofar as such action doesn't comprise an offense under some other composed law. 

B. Abolishment of race to make good on regulatory obligation at the level pace of RM 20,000 every year 

A Labuan element carrying on a "Labuan exchanging activity"1 recently delighted in the capacity to choose to settle regulatory expense: (I) at the pace of 3% on its net benefits every year as reflected in its examined records; or (ii) at the level pace of RM 20,000 every year. 

Be that as it may, following the LBATA Amendments, a Labuan substance playing out a "Labuan exchanging action" is consequently subject to impose at the pace of 3% on its net profits2 as reflected in its evaluated records. Subsequently, all Labuan elements are currently required to have evaluated represents the motivation behind expense filings. 

So, a Labuan substance playing out a "Labuan non-exchanging activity"3 keeps on being absolved from expense under the LBATA. There is by and by no prerequisite for such a Labuan element to keep up examined accounts. 

C. Salary from protected innovation never again burdened under LBATA 

According to the LBATA Amendments, pay got from eminence or a protected innovation right4 in the event that it is receivable as thought for the business abuse of that privilege is presently saddled under the Income Tax Act 1967 ("ITA") rather than the particular expense system of the LBATA. The predominant corporate annual duty rate under the ITA is 24%. 

D. New financial substance prerequisites for Labuan elements 

Already, the LBATA didn't explicitly require a Labuan element to have financial substance. In any case, the new Section 2B(1)(b) of the LBATA presently requires all Labuan elements undertaking a "Labuan business movement" to have: 

a satisfactory number of full time representatives in Labuan; and 

a satisfactory measure of yearly working use in Labuan. 

The Economic Substance Regulations try to indicate what is (I) the base number of full time workers required in Labuan; and (ii) the base measure of yearly working use required in Labuan. The base necessities change contingent upon the kind of Labuan element. For instance, a Labuan "holding organization" is required to have at least two (2) full time workers in Labuan and a yearly working consumption of RM50,000 in Labuan. A Labuan "renting organization" is required to have at least two (2) full time workers in Labuan and a yearly working consumption of RM100,000 in Labuan. 

The Economic Substance Regulations mirror the Malaysian Government's productive reaction to the Forum on Harmful Tax Practices' (FHTP) proposals, and haves brought about the FHTP's most recent assessment5 of some Labuan systems as not hurtful. In any case, Wong and Partners have been participating in talks with the specialists to voice our worries on a couple of issues that stay dubious, including the accompanying: 

Given the Economic Substance Regulations set out least consistence prerequisites, does consistence with the Economic Substance Regulations naturally fulfill the commitments of a Labuan element to meet "satisfactory" necessities under Section 2B(1)(b) of the LBATA paying little respect to the size of the activities and resources of the Labuan element? 

Does the Economic Substance Regulations apply to Labuan elements which are not explicitly recorded in the Economic Substance Regulations, and provided that this is true, to what degree? 

How does the financial substance prerequisites apply to non-working speculation holding organizations or unadulterated value holding organizations (which just hold value interests and acquire just profits and capital additions, and accordingly, are seen to present less BEPS chance)? For what reason would unadulterated holding organizations be required to have "full time workers" and cause yearly working use? 

The expression "full time representatives" is unclear. Are non-conventional or elective business courses of action adequate? 

Whatever degree, if by any stretch of the imagination, can redistributing courses of action be considered to consent to the monetary substance prerequisites? 

Following an industry preparation with the Labuan Financial Services Authority (LFSA) on 17 January 2019 in connection to issues looked by different ventures because of the Economic Substance Regulations, the LFSA has issued a lot of as often as possible posed inquiries on 25 January 2019 to further clarify a portion of the necessities under the Economic Substance Requirements. In any case, as a portion of the issues talked about above still can't seem to be completely tended to, we are cheerful that more clear direction will be issued by the specialists soon. 

E. Confinements on expense conclusions for installments made to Labuan organization 

Already, an individual may guarantee a full charge reasoning under Section 33 of the ITA, when finding out his balanced pay to be saddled under the ITA, in regard of costs which are completely and solely brought about in the creation of gross pay. 

With the presentation of the Disallowed Deductions Rules, an individual may now guarantee an incomplete assessment reasoning just under Section 33 of the ITA in regard of specific installments made to a Labuan organization. The greatest derivations allowed are sketched out below

Advantages of labuan IBFC

6 Benefits of setting up a seaward organization in Labuan

Right off the bat, it is imperative to take note of that there is nothing unlawful about organization arrangement in a seaward spot like in Labuan. There are many real purposes behind individuals to set up their very own organizations in seaward purviews and here are a few advantages that you should know before considering Labuan organization development

Resource Protection

While an enterprise or a restricted risk organization (LLC) offers resource insurance, a seaward organization is the more successful in ensuring your well deserved resources, (for example, land speculations and licensed innovation) from trivial and wrathful claims.

Duty Savings

A seaward organization can legitimately limit your business charge commitments because of the seaward's low/zero expense locale.

For instance, Labuan's expense rate is 3% of evaluated net benefits or fixed assessment of RM20,000 for organizations engaged with exchanging exercises (counting import and fare).

For Labuan organizations exclusively for speculation holding purposes, there will be no assessment charges and review reports are not required.

What's more, the Labuan charge system one of a kind highlights are

Less duty documenting commitment

No estimation of salary and every other month conclusions

Unending duty exclusions

Labuan substances may access benefits under the Malaysia Double Taxation Agreements (DTAs); and

Labuan elements can put resources into local organizations while getting a charge out of the expense exceptions concurred in Labuan IBFC.

Simplicity of progression/move of proprietorship

For individuals who possess various properties in various nations, utilizing a seaward holding organization is a handy regulatory methodology that limits probate when you pass away.

Envision this, you possess properties in your very own name in different nations. When you pass away, your family or beneficiaries should manage probate in those nations. This implies extensive and confused procedures of exploring different legacy laws. The outcomes could conceivably coordinate your desires and may even bring about money related weights for them to acquire your land speculations.

Using a seaward element, for example, a Labuan organization for property speculation purposes, you can possess the organization 100% with single proprietorship or with different accomplices. There will be no legacy expense and transfers/moves should be possible by the method for offers move.

Improves Confidentiality

Most seaward area, including Labuan, offers the advantage of namelessness and security. Significant data, for example, the investors, chiefs or recipients of the organization won't be uncovered by the enlistment center nor will they be openly distributed.

Given that there are no doubts of crook or psychological oppressor exercises, your element in Labuan appreciates total secrecy.

Diminished managerial commitments and lower set-up and support costs

The lawful commitments of any chiefs or officials of seaward organizations are regularly more loose than LLCs. Most seaward organizations utilize virtual office administrations, for bookkeeping needs, workers/staff or a physical office, as this is more financially savvy.

The way toward setting up a seaward organization in Labuan is moderately quick and straightforward. This means lower costs for both setting up and keeping up a seaward organization.

Low Capital and Shareholding Requirements

For Labuan's purview, at least one offer is required. Aside from this, there is no base capital necessity.

Labuan organizations may issue portions of various classes and various rights yet no carrier offers are permitted.

Offers might be designated in any cash EXCEPT in Malaysian Ringgit.

The base number of investors in a Labuan seaward organization is one. The investor might be an individual, a partnership or a trust organization holding the offers as a chosen one, or on trust.

Labuan IBFC trust company

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